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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


Routers for the Flask-Admin framework.

from flask_via.routers import BaseRouter

[docs]class AdminRoute(BaseRouter): """ The Admin router allows you to define Flask-Admin routes and have those views added to the application automatically. For this to work you must at ``init_app`` time pass a optional keyword argument ``flask_admin`` to ``init_app`` with its value being the Flask-Aadmin extension instance. .. versionadded:: 2014.05.08 Note ---- ``Flask-Admin`` has its own way of handling defining urls so this router literally only requires the ``Flask-Admin`` view class. Example ------- .. sourcecode:: python app = Flask(__name__) admin = Admin(name='Admin') admin.init_app(app) class FooAdminView(BaseView): @expose('/') def index(self): return 'foo' routes = [ AdminRoute(FooAdminView(name='Foo')) ] via = Via() via.init_app( app, routes_module='flask_via.examples.admin', flask_admin=admin) if __name__ == '__main__': """
[docs] def __init__(self, view): """ Admin route constructor, this router handles adding ``Flask-admin`` views to the application. Arguments --------- view : flask_admin.base.AdminViewMeta The Flask Admin View Class """ self.view = view
[docs] def add_to_app(self, app, **kwargs): """ Adds the ``Flask-Admin`` View to the Flask the application. Arguments --------- app : Flask application instance, this is ignored. \*\*kwargs Arbitrary keyword arguments Raises ------ NotImplementedError If ``flask_admin`` is not provided """ try: admin = kwargs['flask_admin'] except KeyError: raise NotImplementedError( 'flask_admin not passed to add_to_app, did you add it to ' 'via.init_app?') admin.add_view(self.view)

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